Arizona Small Business Support

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While our income tax services for individuals and businesses are available regardless of the filer’s location (with some exceptions), our small business services are pretty much constrained to Arizona. That’s because state and local ordinances largely shape the cost of optimizing a comprehensive package of business support services. Based on the legal requirements, we’ve woven together partners and technologies that allow us to front to you, the microbusiness entrepreneur, the support you’ll need to get your good idea up and running. And, if you’ve been trying to do it all yourself, consider sluffing off some of the business process functions to us so you can dedicate more time to your passion. That’s not to say that we can’t help out-of-state firms (we actually have a presence in several states and even an overseas office), we can but probably not as comprehensively as in Arizona where we know the business climate and legal framework, especially human resources, quite well. Contact us if you think we can help aspects of your out-of-state business.

Our technology partner, CPA Network Solutions, provides everything related to software, computers, phone systems, and the internet, along with some other CPA firm-specific services we use in-house. Have you wanted access to world-class human resources software and advice? That’s available through CPA Network Solutions. The same with a professional, internet-based phone system. Paradise Hills Accounting provides our bookkeeping services (we use them too) including payroll and payroll tax filings (that stuff is really tricky!). Your books are always available online in one of several applications we use including the Quickbooks and Wave families. Those partners leave us free to do what we do best, organizing your tax life as the foundation of integrated financial planning (saving/investing, retirement planning, estate planning, risk management/insurance). Got the idea?

We are also ninjas in getting stuff done like business entity organization at rock bottom prices (you do most of the work, we point you in the right direction). Most legal documents, for example, are available from paralegal services — we use LawDepot, but there are many others. Having familiarity with stock-in-trade items like business filings with the Arizona Corporation Commission leaves us free from excessive legal fees. Bottom line, most divorce documents are just cut-and-paste versions of the last divorce the attorney sold; the divorce is only new to the former couple.

We’ll have a download available soon on how to start your own business in AZ so look for that. It will include how to interact with our partner web, so your business is up and running as soon as possible.