At McFarland-CPA, we provide tax planning and services, the foundation of financial planning. While we do that work superbly, what makes us different is that we build on that foundation. We work with our clients so they have an integrated framework for all the aspects of financial planning. Read on about each below. And, don’t forget to check out our blog and sign up for the newsletter!

Tax Planning

We help you to engineer your tax life in advance so that your returns maximize the opportunities found in the U.S. tax code. Tax returns shouldn’t just be historical documents prepared after the fact.

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Investments and Retirement Planning

We’ll help you understand what your needs are for saving and investing both during your working years and after, so you can live the life you envision when you no longer have to work for someone else.  Some call that retirement while others call it financial freedom.

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Insurance and Estate Planning

We don’t provide these services but we know folks who do.  And, our value is in education.  Our belief is that informed consumers are best positioned to know what they want before incurring the fees of these professionals and will more likely get what they need rather than what the professional sitting across the desk wants to sell.

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Our Bottom Line

McFarland-CPA is a family and veteran owned tax practice specializing in tax-advantaged, wealth-building. What does that mean? Well, think of it this way: If your household income is greater than $50,000 per year, between 15-33% of your income goes to federal taxes. Add in state and local income taxes, sales and use taxes, excise fees and the like and your tax burden can easily reach 50-60% of your income. That means minimizing your tax liability is, for most people, the most powerful tool in your wealth building toolkit. Plus, we use tax planning as the basis for helping guide the rest of your financial decisions including saving and investment, risk management and insurance, and financial-freedom-years planning based on your aspirations.

Because we know your financial affairs so well, CPAs are uniquely qualified to provide you with financial advice or frameworks for the other aspects of your financial life. On top of that, at McFarland-CPA we spend time getting to know you, on as many levels as possible, and assist you with a road map toward the life you envision.

Our firm operates out of Arizona as part of a global office-group of CPA practices by partnering with CPA Network Solutions as a member of their network. We’re on the cutting edge of mobile technology and connected in real-time to offices all around the globe. It’s a huge part of what distinguishes us from other firms or tax services mediums like software or franchises. We have world-class security, top-flight research into creative tax approaches, and at-hand experience to draw on for nearly any tax situation you can imagine. If we haven’t seen it, the CPA Network Solutions framework allows us to tap into the resources of a member who has. Whatever obstacles you’re facing, we’ll find the solution for it.

And for a more in-depth explanation of our services, check out our services page.

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