About Us


Our Approach

McFarland-CPA is doing something different in an ever-changing financial and tax services delivery environment.  The traditional CPA firm store front operation is being eroded by more convenient client options, on the one hand, and the market saturation of unlicensed, unregulated, low-skilled, poorly trained, and inexperienced competitors, on the other.  CPAs, with their breadth of training and experience, combined with their licensing and oversight, are the “go to” professionals for those who are really interested in wealth building.

First of all, we put taxes in the context of your overall financial plan. That’s your roadmap to your financial success, however you define that. We work with you to make sure you have a full-spectrum framework for taxes, investments, retirement, risk management (insurance), and estate planning. Once you have that you are prepared to work with each of the professionals for the respective area with us providing the tax services.

We’ve dispensed with the office and pass those savings on to our clients. Some of our best client meetings take place during hikes on Piestewa Peak (photo above); we’re nuts about good living in every aspect of life, not just financial well-being.

We use only open source software in every aspect of our firm if available and we give back to the open source movement.  We leverage the security of Amazon’s cloud to protect your data and identity.

We spend our time when not with a client researching the tax code, tax court cases, and literature on strategies so our clients don’t have to.  We like to do so poolside at the Biltmore Resort or our many favorite haunts around town.  When we propose an option to a client, the client can rest assured we are proposing something that is in the client’s best interest–we have no conflicts of interest with our clients (unlike many other financial services pros).

Our Story

The genesis of this firm was the discovery of the Mozilla browser and the world wide web in the early 1990s. Our principal began considering ways to leverage this development to do something new in the industry. The speed-of-the-internet CPA practice was born in concept and the technology, with the cloud providers, has caught up with the vision. We chose Amazon after a careful analysis of the various providers because of the breadth of its innovation and it’s radical concerns with security.

Meet the Team

We are small in overhead terms but with the reach, through our affiliation with CPA Network Solutions, of a global firm.  In terms of quality and price, our internet-driven placement allows us to exceed our competition in both.


Bill McFarland

Managing Director

A bit zealous about tax-advantaged wealth building, Bill can be found in good weather revelling in the outdoors.  The rest of the time he’ll be at a or near a computer pondering some new strategy and being pestered by the cat.

Bill is a CPA licensed in Arizona.

Patricia Sturtz

Marketing and Business Development

A people person and social media aficionado, Patricia heads up our out reach and client relations efforts.  Her constant efforts to learn and incorporate that learning into our products and services ensure McFarland-CPA is a hive of innovation.

Kathleen Ann

Business Services

Kathleen heads up our service-provision to small businesses, ranging from bookkeeping to payroll and payroll tax filings through our affiliate, Paradise Hills Accounting. She is your “go to” person for whatever your business-related back office needs are so you can focus on your passion.