Full-Spectrum Financial Planning

We get to know you and develop an annually-reviewed, full-spectrum, financial-plan framework for you. You then work with the various professionals from a position of knowledge (and therefore power) about your goals and aspirations, and resulting needs.

Individual and Business Tax Returns

While we hope to engineer these in advance for our clients, we are also available in the traditional mode. What is that mode? Well, it’s using your CPA to compile a historical document for you once each year rather than building toward your tax return. If you don’t have a feel for┬áthe results of your returns each year, you are in the traditional mode and probably leaving many opportunities on the table.

Micro and Small Business Services

If your business isn’t big enough to support a human resources professional or an on-staff accountant, we provide those accounting and payroll related services. We are a full-service payroll provider for a lot less than the big guys and we take care of all the payroll-related filings. Our accounting services include off-site bookkeeping, management financial reports like “P&Ls,” and the reports you need for various legal filings.


A Completely Integrated Plan

Integration across the full spectrum is the key to an effective financial plan. The traditional approach of seeking out each professional who provides you a plan for that requirement never puts it all together. We do. The current vogue term is “Design” and we are skilled, militarily-trained designers.

You Will Have Your Tax Plan and Be Ready For the Rest

Our tax planning and the framework (or “design”) for the rest of the financial plan will arm you to engage with the sales pros of those related industries (law, insurance, and investment advisers).


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