Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I pay my fee or membership?

Here at McFarland-CPA, we like choice and think you do too.

We offer several ways for clients to pay our fees and membership charges:

  • Paypal (Credit and Debit Cards and Bank Account Transfers for a 3% courtesy fee)
  • Online Invoicing (our favorite, it transfers funds from your account to ours with almost no service charges for either party)
  • Paper checks (our least favorite and the cost of time, the envelope, the stamp, and the trip to the Post Office or drop box makes this quite costly)

If you choose the Paypal option, you can find the Pay Now button on various elements of this site, including here. If you chose this option in advance, we’ve included the 3% courtesy fee. If not, let us know you want to use this option and we’ll revise your invoice.

A la Carte Versus Subscription Pricing

More on this to come.

Do you have customer service?

Of course!┬áLet us know about your item of interest through our Facebook page and we’ll get back to you by the next business day. We keep our staff fully engaged in thinking through complex issues so minimizing the use of the phone keeps our costs down.

How can I comment on your articles and blog posts?

We have a separate forum for this. We wanted to keep the website clean and restrict its functionality. The more open you leave it, the more vulnerable it is even if we are using first-class software (WordPress in our case). A separate forum also allows for users to set anonymous IDs for the site rather than using their client IDs that we assign when you subscribe to our services. Again, it’s another security provision. Sadly, the more secure things are, the more difficult they are (think of all those logon IDs and passwords in your life!).